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                                                       TheGeneral Assembly Resumes Jan. 4th

The 99th General Assembly convenes the first week of January and session lasts for four and a half months.  Veto Session is in September each year.  Special sessions are at the discretion of the Governor.

                                                                        My Legislation for 2016

My priority piece of legislation was HB 1599, aka; the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act was signed by the Governor and it became law on August 28th.   HB 1599, allows Missouri-born adult adoptees to obtain a copy of their original birth certificate, just the same as all other citizens of our state.
There is a two-phase method to HB 1599; (1) Those Missouri-born adoptees, born prior to 1941 will be immediately able to apply for their original birth certificate.  May have already done that.
(2) Those born 1941 and thereafter, will be eligible to apply for the OBC as of Jan. 2,2018.  There will be a celebration of the new law beginning on New Year's Eve, 2017 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, in Jefferson City.  The event is called, "Breaking the Seal."  It's a national event open to all those interested in adoptee rights. January 1, 2018 is an all-day and evening event with meals, break-out sessions and entertainment. Then on January 2, 2018 a bus will transport those that are interested in applying for their OBC with the Dept. of Health and Senior Services. Assistance will be provided to anyone that needs help concerning the application process.  Go to the Missouri Adoptee Rights Movement website for more information. 

I'm always focused on Tourism and Trade and I'm pleased our budget for Tourism this year is 26.5 million dollars! 

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