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Thanks for visiting the Don Phillips for State Representative,
I'm a conservative Republican however I'm not the product of a political party; I'm a product of the people!  I don't see myself as a politician but rather a citizen servant that  has stepped up to try to make a difference. I'm for smaller government, lower taxes and less spending on non-essential items.  I'm pro-gun (N.R.A. Member), pro-life, a strong supporter of public, private and home school education as well as tourism, veterans and seniors.
I'm recognized by the American Conservative Union as an "A.C.U. Conservative" based on my voting record in office.  This distinction comes as a result of my commitment to our nation's constitution and to America's core principles.
 I fairly represent all the people of District 138; regardless of political party, social standing, religion, race, age or gender. It's my honor to be at the capitol on your behalf. 
District #138 is primarily Stone County from north to south and the northwest corner of Christian Co. and southwest corner of Taney Co.  
Stone County has been my home for 37 yrs. and I have a strong connection with the people here. I've had great support from the voters in District 138 in the primary and the general elections even though I was unopposed. (Thank you!)
My Legislative Assistant is Rosemary (Rosie) Bogg.  Rosie is veteran of many years at the capitol.  She is invaluable to me as your Representative!  We function as a team to provide the district with a professional level of service that you can be proud of. 
 Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me by going to the "Contact Me" page or if you prefer there's office contact information on the "Current Issues" page.     Thanks.   Don 
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